Founded by Shri Shri 108 Mahant Maharaj Shri Rama Vallabhdasji, our organization was created by Mahamandaleshwar Saint Shri 108 Swami Kshama Ramaji. Both saints are from Dadu Palka Dhaam at Bhairanaji (Jaipur). Although Likhita Japa activities began in 1991, our organization was formally established in 1994 as the Rama Naam Lekhan Prachar Samiti.

In 1999, it was registered as the
Shri Dadu Leela Rama Nama Parikrama Shodh Sansthan. Thousands of Rama Naam Lekhan Kendras have been established all over India and some parts of the world since. From here, devotees motivate other people to write Likhita Japa and distribute Rama Naam papers. Any devotee who wishes to spread the Rama Naam word can establish a Kendra.

In 1991, the Iraq-America war, threatened to escalate into Third World War. In those difficult times, with the inspiration and blessings of
Sadguru Dadu Dayalji Maharaj, it was resolved to write 500 crores Rama Naam for world peace. Within four days of this noble commitment, cease-fire took place miraculously. This initial goal of 500 Rama Naam Likhita Japa was achieved by the end of 1999.

However, the world is still beset by problems, both natural and manmade. To spread harmony in this conflict-ridden world, Dadu Dayalji Maharaj inspired us to increase the target to 5,10,000 crore Likhita Japa. For this mammoth task, devotees from around the world have contributed towards the printing 1.98 crore Likhita
Japa forms and 2.34 hundred thousands Likhita Japa notebooks.

We are a non-profitable organization with 18 permanent members located in Jaipur, Mumbai and Cuttack. The Sansthan meets half-yearly to discuss the progress of the Likhita Japa and the
Rama Naam Parikrama temple to be constructed at Dadu Palkan.

All the written Likhita Japa forms and notebooks are collected in the premises surrounding
Dadu Vani Mandir at Dadu Palkan. Devotees are invited to visit and experience the feeling of divine peace and spiritual bliss created by aura of these Maha Mantras.



  1. Why should we write Rama Naam?
    his program for writing Rama Naam is for world peace, betterment of man kind, and to bring about unity, love, friendship and harmony among us.

  2. Is it necessary to use a particular colour ink for writing Rama Naam?
    Rama Naam can be written in any colour ink or pencill.

  3. What should be done to written Rama Naam?
    Written Rama Naam sheets or booklets should be returned to the person from whom you have got it.

  4. Can I donate?
    Yes, all are welcome to contribute to this program in the form of time, money and energy.

  5. What is eventually done with written Rama Naam?
    All written Rama Naams and various other Mantras are, at present safely stored in the premises of Shri Dadupalkan Dham

2003 Shri Dadu Leela "Rama Nama Parikrama" Shodh Sansthan